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2014 CrossFit Open Challenge 14.5 with The Basement

14.4 is in the books! As always, monster thanks to everyone who came out to SUBU last Thursday to celebrate 14.4 with us. Special thanks to Orange Blossom Pilsner for supplying SUBU with an entire keg of brew & Matt Opferman for setting the whole deal up for us. The crowd was amazing and the athletes poured their souls into that epic Chipper that good ol' Dave Castro cooked up for us. Once the dust settled from the ripped hands & crushed souls Stephen came out on top for the men with 188 reps & Julie for the women with 180 reps. (Honorable mention - Christopher Robert Harrison with 186 reps).

With that being said, we are proud to announce this week's match up. For Open WOD 14.5 our featured athletes will be Chris "the self proclaimed Unicorn" McDirmit & Darren "win everything" Smith! We have no doubt that no matter what series of movements may be thrown their way these two will surely leave everything they have on the gym floor & provide us with quite the show. Also, rumor has it, these two may even be in costume for this epic battle between David & Goliath (you decide which is David and which is Goliath). As usual the festivities will begin around 7:30pm on Thursday evening. 

Chris McDirmit - 6'5"                                                               Darren Smith - 62 inches

Chris McDirmit - 6'5"                                                               Darren Smith - 62 inches

We are also very happy to announce that one of SUBU's very own, Logan Berkowitz, will be providing you savages with some of The Basement's finest libations. That's right, more brew for the SUBU faithful so come thirsty and bring your friends! Also, feel free to head down to The Basement afterwards for a rocking good time. Chad Hupp will be tending bar and is always happy to see some fellow SUBUers. Let's send the Reebok CrossFit Open out with a bang and make this the biggest week yet!