Show Up and Blow Up In The Open 2018

SUBU CrossFit was founded on the belief that showing up is the most important step in creating a healthy and enriching life. This belief is threaded into everything we do at the gym and for this year's Open we are raising the stakes for participation.

This is our favorite time of year because it is when our community really shines the brightest. We've created a system to make these 5 weeks as exciting and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. We are very excited to get this thing underway and we hope you are too. With that said, we will be giving out gold stars for the things that make us most proud of SUBU. Those things, and their star values, are listed below.

Participation is completely optional and free.

Please reach out with any questions and/or comments.



Each of the following is worth five (5) stars:

The following is worth two (2) stars:

  • Complete the workout (there will be no additional stars for repeating the workout)

Each of the following is worth one (1) star:

  • Submit your score by 8:00 pm the following Monday
  • Judge an Open Workout for another registered athlete (you do not need to have completed the Online Judges Course for this)
  • Attend a Thursday Night Showdown
    • Bonus: Bring a non-member to a Thursday Night Showdown (there is no limit on this one!)


Each of the following will be worth one (1) star. There is no limit to how many stars you may earn through social media posting. Let it rip!

  • Post* to social media about The Open
  • Geotag the post at SUBU CrossFit
  • Tag @subucrossfit somewhere in the post
  • Include the hashtag #showupandblowup somewhere in the post
  • Include the hashtag #intheopen somewhere in the post

*Your post must bear some relevance to The Open however it does not have to include a photo. Facebook Status updates and Tweets are just as great!

With that said, be as creative as you want.


Each coach has been given an allotment of special stars to be given out for moments of magic. These stars are equal to five (5) regular stars. Boom. Since there is no way to predict these moments of magic, each coach will have their own criteria for what counts. They may award these special stars however they see fit.

However, rest assured that every one of our coaches is, and will always be, inspired by toughness and courage. So keep that in mind when thoughts of "giving up" or "slowing down" start to run through your head.

So, what do you win if you have the most stars?

One Free Month at SUBU

How about the second most stars?

A Custom SUBU RPM Speed Rope

What if you aren't in the top two?

Everyone who earns 75 stars or more will be entered into a raffle. Whomever wins the raffle will get to choose between:

  • Music controls for one month.
  • Front parking space for one month.
  • Create a workout for a Saturday class.

How do we keep track of everyone's stars?

The poster boards with everyone's profile pictures will be updated with the appropriate number of stars every Monday night after classes.