We program according to the philosophy of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. We specialize in not specializing so the overarching goal with our programming is to establish General Physical Preparedness (GPP) with all of our athletes.

While GPP is our ultimate goal, our short-term focus will vary throughout the year. As most of you know, we implement squat cycles two to three times a year. During those months, our objective is to increase strength, power and speed. Other months, our efforts lean toward cardiovascular endurance, stamina and agility. The purpose throughout that timeline is to improve on the focused elements while maintaining capacity in the rest. For example: during squat cycles, our main effort is to get stronger and increase power output. Putting in too much time on one modality generally means you may lose some capacity in others. In this case, endurance and stamina might be affected. Therefore, we continue to incorporate all elements of fitness into our programming to supplement the current cycle’s main goal.

Varying movement combinations and workout time frames along with utilizing and challenging all energy systems are factors that also come into play. We strive to be generally fit. From a two-minute to an hour-long workout- moving a heavy barbell, executing gymnastics skills, and running and rowing at high intensities, the SUBU athlete is prepared for anything.