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Mo Dominguez


June 25, 2024

CrossFit Coaching and Understanding Nutrition - Maddie Minetree 5

Maddie Minetree is a L2 CrossFit coach and has an L1 Precision Nutrition certification. In this Podcast we discuss her journey from CrossFit athlete to coaching, what it takes to obtain an L1 and L2 CrossFit coaching certification, and her reasons for getting the L1 nutrition certification.CrossFit is a sport that has grown in such popularity over the last decade and it has tracked many former athletes from all sports. Every person that does CrossFit has their own personal journey from just trying to stay fit and health to training to compete in competitions to finding a calling to coaching others. Training and is just a part of the CrossFit journey however. Nutrition plays a key roll in a CrossFit athletes performance. Food can not only have physical effects on the body but can also have effects on ones metal health and their relationship with food. Hence, it is important to discuss food and its impact in individuals.

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